Sellers – Preparing for Your Move

When your home is sold, there are several things you need to do to prepare to hand it over to the new owners. Your lawyer should have everything she needs, and your movers are likely booked…here are a few other items to know about and incorporate into your move plan:

Recycling Bins and Green Bin issued by the city should be cleaned and remain as part of the sale – you can leave them in the garage.

Keys – the buyer will get the key directly from the lockbox at the property or through their lawyer after confirmation of closing has occurred on closing day. Any extra sets of keys you have can stay on the kitchen counter. Your lawyer will let you know if you need to drop a set of keys at their office in the days before closing.

Door Codes – If you have a garage door code or front door code, write it down and leave it with the keys for the new owners.

Vacant and Broom Swept Condition – is the way you will need to leave the house on closing day. Many sellers choose to hire a cleaner to help them out with a final clean. Don’t forget to do a final look in everyone’s closet, all the basement storage areas and around the exterior…I have seen teddy bears and keepsakes forgotten in houses. 🙂 If any lightbulbs are burnt out, it would be a courtesy to the buyer to replace those. 

Damaged Walls – When you are removing pictures, mirrors, other items affixed to the wall, if a noticeable hole remains, it is your job as the seller to patch it and paint it – it doesn’t need to be perfect, but make it as minimal as possible… is a trick: take a little bit of polyfil if you have it – just a tiny dab on your finger and use it to fill the hole. Wipe off any excess filler….if you don’t have polyfil. 

Leave the following on the kitchen counter for the buyers:

– Mailbox key and location of mailbox

– Extra sets of house keys

– Shed key (if applicable)

– Garage Door openers (remove the one in your car!!) 

– Code for garage door/front door

– manuals for appliances, floor plans, receipts for upgrades, warranty paperwork for anything that stays with the house

Leave the following in the furnace room/on the shelving for the buyers:

– any extra paint or flooring materials (labelled by room if possible)

– any extra furnace filters

Feel free to leave a note for the buyers about any particulars of the house that you want to share, and your garbage schedule if you have one in the house already.

Utilities – The lawyers will call utilities to notify of the closing date, but I always suggest you call to ensure the utilities will be transferred to the new owners name on the day of closing. This would be: City of Ottawa for water/sewer, enbridge, Hydro Ontario/Ottawa. If your hot water rental is a part of your Enbridge bill, you don’t need to do anything extra, but if it is billed separately, call and have it transferred too….you have likely already organized this through MoveSnap

Inclusions – this is what was listed as ‘Chattels Included” in the agreement of purchase and sale. These all need to stay with the house. 

Exclusions – these are expressly listed in the agreement “Fixtures Excluded”. They are the items the Buyers agreed to let you take.