Your First Steps

1. Choose the right  REAL ESTATE AGENT (me!)


3. Establish your NEEDS and WANTS

Did you know that as a buyer, you don’t pay the commission of your Buyer’s Representative? That’s right – you get the benefit of an experienced and accessible partner to help you choose the perfect home, and you don’t have to pay a cent!

Select a sales representative that will offer you professional advice as to preferred locations, styles, prices, trends, financing and how to handle the unexpected, and one that you trust. Your selected sales representative should also have connections with Lawyers, Building Inspectors, Mortgage Representatives and many other Professionals. The opinions of these experts is often needed when buying a home to ensure that you do not encounter any costly surprises down the road.Your selected sales representative should also be highly skilled in the negotiating process.

There are so many advantages to having a Sales Representative work specifically for you, so it is extremely important that you choose a Sales Representative with whom you are comfortable. Someone you feel understands your needs and wants and that you are confident will work in your best interests. I am with my clients from the beginning, representing their best interests up until closing and beyond.

Personal “One on One” Buyer Consultation

I meet with each of my buyer clients initially, to hear about their needs and wants, go through the process step by step, answer questions, and advise them on market conditions.  Before you start viewing homes, it is important to decide on your needs first and then your wants or likes. (i.e.: number of bedrooms, bathroom, garage, etcetera). I can then assist you in making the best possible choice in a home that best suits you and your family’s needs and stays within your budget.

I am happy to refer my clients to experienced mortgage professionals with whom they can set up a mortgage pre-approval.

Call me to schedule your complimentary buyer’s consultation.