CANDY BAGS are made of Upcycled Vintage Leather.

CANDY BAGS are cosmetic bags & handy purse size cosmetic bags

Each bag is unique and made of vintage leather or suede with new fabric lining and zipper closure.

CANDY BAGS are handmade and sold to raise funds for local charities.


Purse size cosmetic bag:  $20

Full size cosmetic bag:     $25

Set of 1 purse size and 1 full size bag: $40


Profits from sales for 2017 was be going toward fundraising efforts for the following events/charities:

2017 Epic Walk, funds raised in support of new diagnostic and treatment equipment for Ottawa cancer centers (event in September)

The Royal Lepage Shelter Foundation, funds raised support Women’s shelters in Canada. Funds raised through me stay in our Ottawa communities

*To receive pictures of in stock bags, buy a bag, or donate a leather or suede jacket, connect with me directly by clicking on my email address at the bottom of the page